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Golden Gate Real Estate & Management



In order to keep you fully aware of the progress we’re making in selling your home, we will give you a Weekly Listing Update. We will contact you at least once during each week that your home is active on the market to give you an update. We will keep you informed as to how many Buyers have viewed your home, as well as give you feedback regarding your home from these buyer’s and their agents. We will keep you informed of any changes in the market as well as any new comps in your neighborhood.


In addition to these weekly calls, we will assign you a personal access code that will allow you to call our Toll-Free Number, (888) 869-6486, to receive automated access to your Listing Updates at anytime. 


If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us anytime during the week at (925) 672-4062. We are always here to help!




1.    Call you twice a week to discuss feedback from agents who have shown the property.


2.    Follow up with all interest Buyers met at Open Houses.


3.    Keep current rate sheets on hand during Open Houses to inform Buyers of the various loans and payments available.


4.    Discuss any changes with you that may make the property more marketable to Buyers, including price if necessary.


5.    Change wording in the advertisements to present the home from different perspectives.


6.    Make a constant effort to keep agents aware of your home.





1.    Represent you and negotiate for the highest possible price and most favorable terms for you.


2.    Request a Pre-Approval Letter from the Buyers’ Agent, to verify Buyer’s ability to qualify for loan, or request personal contact with Buyer’s Lender.


3.    Read all inspection reports obtained by the Buyer and discuss work to be completed. Arrange for the work to be completed as reasonably as possible, or arrange to give credit in escrow.


4.    Stay on top of all escrow paperwork (time frames and contingency removals) to insure the escrow closes on time.


5.    Keep you informed on all Mortgage, Title and other Closing Procedures.


6.    Provide you with a complete file at close of escrow for tax purposes.



The Seller’s Role


The correct staging of your home can go a long way toward achieving a successful sale at the highest price. Let’s make sure we make a positive first impression.


Here are some tips:


·        Enhance drive-up appeal by removing clutter, cleaning stains off the driveway, and touching up the exterior paint where needed.


·        A nicely trimmed and edged lawn always makes a good first impression.


·        Remove dead and dying flowers and consider adding color with hanging baskets or pots of flowers.


·        Sparkling clean windows let the sun shine through.


·        Give the carpets a good cleaning to remove stains and odors, or even re-carpet if you feel it’s appropriate.


·        Cracked or peeled paint and smudges on walls are easy fixes that, when taken care of, can give the home a fresh, new look.


·        Removing some furniture and/or personal items can make your home feel much larger.



Having your home in tip-top condition will take away negotiating power from prospective Buyers, ultimately leading to a quicker sale and higher profit for your home!